The faculty for digital systems and technologies | Высшая школа печати и медиаиндустрии Московского политехнического университета (МГУП имени Ивана Федорова) 

Московский государственный университет печати имени Ивана Федорова

Факультет Цифровых систем и технологий
How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose»
— Bill Gates

Faculty for Digital systems and technology

Address: 127550, Moscow, ulitsa Pryanishnikova, 2A


Deanery: +7 (499) 976-29-88


Dean: Anna Evgenyevna Ivanova, Candidate of Engineering sciences, lecturer

Our main goal is to teach students how to manage and take right decisions in the modern world of IT and media systems. Faculty for IT and MS trains highly qualified personal, who are experts in scientific – engineering spheres of knowledge. These are connected with creating and introducing modern info technologies, computer appliances, automation facilities and operation systems.

Faculty alumni are always demanded in the labour market. Choosing our faculty, you are making a right decision.

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