The faculty for publishing and journalism | Высшая школа печати и медиаиндустрии Московского политехнического университета (МГУП имени Ивана Федорова) 

Московский государственный университет печати имени Ивана Федорова

Факультет Издательского дела и журналистики
A thought, as a printed pattern, has become as eternal as it has never been: it has wings, it cannot be caught or killed
— Victor Hugo

Faculty of Publishing and Journalism

Address: 103045, Moscow,
ulitsa Sadovaya-Spasskaya, 6


Deanery: +7(495)607-25-77
+7(495) 607-27-37


Dean: Stolyarov Aleksei Arnoldovich, Candidate of Historical Sciences, lecturer

Our alumni has taken part in creating books, magazines and newspapers you ever held in your hands.  Publishing demands serious professional preparation, knowledge of the real world of publishing industry, laws of producing any edition - from a newspaper to book series.

Faculty of Publishing and Journalism is one of the oldest faculties of out university. Alumni has succeeded in Publishing and Book Trade, and Journalism. Students can get a Master's degree in any branch of publishing. Unique program is developed together with Oxford Brookes University (the UK), and by the end of the course not only do students get a degree but they also get a double diploma. Another Master's degree program of out faculty is 'Book Business'. It includes advanced courses of 'Book science', 'Editing and Publishing Business', 'Book Marketing'.

Alumni of the faculty can take postgraduate courses and defend a dissertation.

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