Proceedings of the institutions of higher education | Высшая школа печати и медиаиндустрии Московского политехнического университета (МГУП имени Ивана Федорова) 

Московский государственный университет печати имени Ивана Федорова

Proceedings of the institutions of higher education. Issues of the graphic arts and publishing

Language: (Русский/ English)

Scientific and technical journal has been published since January, 2000.

Publication periodicity — 6 issues per annum.

The journal publishes the articles of scientific and practical interest.

The journal is distributed all over Russia and abroad through JSC Agency “Rospechat” (subscription indexes; 81992, 70331) by means of address mailing.

Registration certificate PI № FS77–39231, March 24, 2010 г.

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